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Backside Electronics for my Ender 3

He strikes again... Teaching Tech with his all in one rear mounted electronics case.
Ok almost, since I have cable chains on my printer :-(

But hey this guy has a remix with a my cable chain connector, but not my MKS GenL 1.0 board, meeehh :-(

Hmm after about 5 min thinking and the power of sharing (and Fusion 360) I combined them to the Ender 3 all in one, universal rear electronics case - Right Case mks gen l with dragchain connector, printed it and now I have the electronics in the trunk too ;-)

Yes this is crooked, it will be next

IT'S DEAD ahahahah!!!1!11

:'( yes it's true I killed my Ender 3, RIP.

Ok RoSP maybe? Since it is kind of hard to destroy extruded aluminium profiles and the like so one could say it is brain dead?! (nice movie) Since the Mainboard (is this the right name?) and 3 of 4 stepper drivers are not working any more.

How did that happen you ask?

Hmm some stupid guy wanted to install one of then ass cheap Chinese filament run out sensors and had that what could possibly go wrong attitude.

To be fair this my first time to actually break any 3d Printer electronics and I'm playing with this stuff now for about 10 years. Of cause there is no schematic or documentation or googleable infos for my "sensor". And the connector fitted perfectly into a end stop socket of the MKS Gen L 1.0.

For some reason on my test setup with a ramps 1.4@ยต24v it worked fine, I guess that's why Chinese stuff is so dirt cheap, the "optimize" an Arduino Mega and a Ramps into a MKS Gen L 1.0 while at it just remove some not so important components.

I will never know since it's just too cheap and not open source (yes I look at you MKS Gen L 1.0) so I replaced them with the same items.

Is my Ender 3 now one of The Printing Dead community? ;-) It's came back to life after it died or is it more a Frankenstein Printer do I have to call it Herman now? :-D

More Ender 3 Mods... to make it silent

I realized I will never be done modding my Ender 3....

Newest list of changes and the result of the mod:

  • Installed a MKS Gen L 1.0 board with TMC2208 in drop in mode thing, no spi, no serial
    • Soo quiet now I love it :-D but those fans... :'(
  • Replaced the electronics fan with a Noctua 40x40x10 12v with one of these Mini dc-dc XM1584 step-down modules
    • Cooling is fine, I guess, no problem yet and I can not hear it... almost, 95% of the time there are way more noise from other sources.
  • Replased the PSU fan screws with some of these rubber screw thingies
    • PSU fan is now more silent too :-D
  • Installed a E3D Titan Extruder with this bracket
    • Almost no more clicking due to skipped extruder steps and I guess better print quality :-)

My Ender 3

I guess I'm done modding my Ender 3..... for now :-D

This nice guy from down under Teaching Tech / Youtube has a lot of good videos and I got most inspiration from him.

List of changes and the result of the mod:

  • Boot loader the the stock electronics and updated Marlin
  • Added cable drag chains to the bed and gantry thing with the Extruder, X axis and hot end thing
    • I had no accidentally unplugged Extruder motors since that so yes it helps.
  • Replaced the stock part cooling fan and fan duct with a 5050 Petsfang
    • way better cooling performance
    • not so sure about fan noise
  • added these yellow springs
    • Not sure if it helped with anything but is was cheap :-)
  • Added Stepper Dampers on X and Y
    • lowered the noise a little
  • Added a BL Touch
    • Hell yeah, auto bed leveling.... I will never go back to manual!!!!1!!