With Klipper complied and flashed to the Arduino (pro) Micro and the buttons soldered, we just have to add some klipper config magic.

I created a buttons.cfg and includes it in the main printer.cfg, this keep the printer.cfg readable and it should surfive a RatOS update


# near the end before the #*# do not change part
[include buttons.cfg]


[mcu button]
serial: /dev/serial/by-id/usb-Klipper_atmega32u4_12345-if00

# pin names can be found by googling "arduino pro micro pinout" and some images have the P... names likeD9/PB5
[gcode_button PB5]
pin: ^!button: PB5
press_gcode: PB5 -  Addyour g-code here

[gcode_button PB4]
pin: ^!button: PB4
press_gcode: PB4

Arduino Mirco pinout from reddit

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