Git pull new commits and save my work

Note to myself...

So I have changes, but want the newest stuff in the upstream master (I guess that's the name)

First add(stage) all your changes:

git add .

Them put them on "hold"...

git stash

Now get the new stuff

git pull

And bring your changes back

git apply

Git stashing Docu

Backside Electronics for my Ender 3

He strikes again... Teaching Tech with his all in one rear mounted electronics case.
Ok almost, since I have cable chains on my printer :-(

But hey this guy has a remix with a my cable chain connector, but not my MKS GenL 1.0 board, meeehh :-(

Hmm after about 5 min thinking and the power of sharing (and Fusion 360) I combined them to the Ender 3 all in one, universal rear electronics case - Right Case mks gen l with dragchain connector, printed it and now I have the electronics in the trunk too ;-)

Yes this is crooked, it will be next