Running Rancher on minikube

  1. install docker and minikube.... should not be that hard Note with minikube dashboard in an extra terminal one can see what's going on in the minikube cluster (rancher like but I want a local Rancher so on we go)
  2. from

    sudo docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped -p 80:80 -p 443:443 rancher/rancher

    Note make sure port 80 and 443 are free

  3. goto https://localhost, set a password.

  4. NOT sure what to set as Rancher Server URL... maybe host.minikube.internal ?!!?1
  5. Add Cluster, Import, name: minikube
  6. copy the curl line and change host.minikube.internal to localhost curl --insecure -sfL https://host.minikube.internal/v3/import/rqvnzk6xhpm5ksdr4hhtnlffc5s2zcrwr4dqqkpxhdc76rnvf75bn9.yaml >test.yaml
  7. edit the test.yaml , replace extensions/v1beta1 with apps/v1 with localhost with host.minikube.internal
  8. then kubectl apply -f test.yaml should run without errors

Ok does not work :-( to be continued....


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