Go a lot of us are now in home office for some reason.

I cannot have no or low noice, maybe it's tinitus thing I do not know... so I have music playing while working, which can be a "problem" with that voice/video chats these days.

Oh I play the music on my private PC and for reason not on the work notebook. Having not much space I have KVM switch. And I lazy.. so switch to the pc, mute/stop and switch back is simply way to much work.

After some googling Arduino Lenonardo or (pro) Micro (my choise) with 32u4 chip to the rescue, it is pretty easy to make a keyboard out of. Yes there is that V-USB for cheaper Arduinos but I'm lazy.

I had some Clear Arcade Buttons in the bin from Pimoroni

So I did a little CAD in Fusion360, some 3D printing, soldering, simplest coding and I had this

Possible upgrades: - RGB!!!1!11!! like these Pimoroni RG Arcade Buttons No idea howto keep track of the buttonstate yet. - moare buttons

finished 3d printed 3button keyboard

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